Former A-lister Philippe drives a Rolls-Royce around LA

January 31, 2011 12:00 AM

Despite his multiple faux pas against the women in his life, Ryan Philippe appears to be doing something right. Spotted driving around LA in his brand-new Rolls Royce - Philippe is on his way back to the A-list, reports PopSugar.

Stopping to fill up his tank on January 19, 2011, the "Cruel Intentions" star was snapped at a gas station. Five photos showed him walking into the on-site convenience store, walking out, paying with a credit card then opening the gas casket. By the last photo his smile had faded, however, presumably because he noticed the paparazzi snapping like mad men.

On the same day, he was photographed entering Hugo's restaurant in Los Angeles and upon exiting was snapped leaving in the same Rolls Royce with three of his friends.

The black beauty has a sun roof, chrome wheels and a pair of headlights - one rectangular and the other in a circular shape.

By looking at the automaker's website, Philippe's car is most likely a Phantom model, but reports didn't confirm this fact. The Phantom has a V12 engine, easy steering and comes with a meager price tag of $385,000.

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