Ford's Lincoln starts filming Twitter-inspired commercial

January 9, 2013 12:00 AM

Now that all of the Super Bowl commercial time slots have sold out, brands are beginning to put the final touches on the highly-anticipated ads. Lincoln is just one of the many car producers trying to claim some of the spotlight during the big game, and the company has comedian Jimmy Fallon in its corner to add a social dimension.

According to USA Today, Fallon used Twitter to solicit plot ideas from his followers, garnering more than 6,000 bits of feedback on the site. Each of the tweets involved the premise for a crazy road trip, and five of the entries were chosen as the backbone of the commercial. Fallon then wrote the script for the 60-second spot, although it's yet to be confirmed if the funnyman will be making an appearance. 

Lincoln hopes that the innovative and social slant to the commercial will make it stand out in a sea of other car commercials, The Detroit Free Press reports. The carmaker hasn't made an appearance during the Super Bowl in seven years, so it hopes to make a splash with its return and spur more buyers to take advantage of the luxury brand's smooth driving and easy vehicle maintenance

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