Ford's EcoBoost exceeding expectations

July 2, 2012 12:00 AM

Ford's fuel-efficient EcoBoost engine is now available as an option for just about all of their vehicles, and it seems the high-MPG motors have been a home run for the company. The automaker recently announced that this year's EcoBoost sales are on track to beat their initial expectations by more than 100,000 units, reports The Detroit Free Press.

Automaker expectations can sometimes leave the company with egg on its' face. Take the Chevrolet Volt, for example, which missed the company's projections for its first two years by tens of thousands of units. In this case, however, Ford's prediction turned out to be pretty much spot-on. Ford hoped to sell 1.5 million EcoBoosts this year, and looks like it will sell at least 1.6 million, if not more.

The EcoBoost is not one sole engine, but rather a name given to the most fuel-efficient option on a Ford vehicle. With gas prices high and an increased interest in fuel economy, the EcoBoost has become the most popular engine choice for many Ford models - including those where drivers tend to not care too much about MPGs. On the Ford F-150, for example, pickup truck fans are now selecting an EcoBoost 40 percent of the time, even when offered more powerful V8s.

Drivers hoping to improve fuel economy on their current vehicle should make sure all tires are properly inflated and consider getting a car tune up.

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