Ford unveils new Fusion with multiple drivetrains

January 10, 2012 12:00 AM

Ford has unveiled the new version of its popular Fusion midsize sedan at the Detroit International Auto Show, and the big news is the multiple drivetrain options that will be offered on the car, reports The New York Times.

The focus of the new Fusion is on fuel economy, and the various options are expected to be the top in their class for each powertrain. Ford is offering three gas engines, one hybrid, and one plug-in option for the 2013 Fusion.

The gas engines include a standard version, an EcoBoost that will offer 37 miles per gallon the highway, and a third engine focused on power. The hybrid version of the Fusion returns with a slimmed down engine for better MPGs. Finally, Ford claims that the new Fusion Energi will be the most fuel-efficient mid-size car on the market, providing a better MPG equivalent than the Chevrolet Volt.

"We brought our global teams together around a blank slate with the charge to develop a midsize car with ground-breaking design and jaw-dropping fuel economy," said Derrick Kuzak, group vice president of global product development.

Those who want to boost their current car's fuel efficiency should look into auto maintenance, as certain car repairs can have dramatic effects on MPGs. Regular tune-ups may also provide a small increase.

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