Ford tops list of buzz-worthy US brands

July 22, 2013 12:00 AM

The annual YouGov Brand Index documents the companies around the U.S. that are drumming up the most buzz, especially when it comes to revenue, publicity and growth. While this is normally announced at the end of the year, YouGov recently published the list of the best brands at the halfway point of 2013, and one American auto brand stood out among the rest. 

Ford earned the No. 1 place on the list of the Top U.S. Buzz Rankings so far this year, jumping up from the sixth spot at the end of 2012. The car manufacturer posted its highest-earning quarter in more than 10 years during the first three months of 2013, which helped to increase its market share to almost 16 percent. Ford was also helped by the introduction of two new promotional campaign spots centering around the Focus and Fusion, which are among the most popular models from the brand in the U.S. 

This type of strong performance shows that the general public are hearing positive things about the automaker, which in turn is causing them to consider a Ford vehicle. Noting stories about easy auto repair, solid vehicle maintenance and other positives are also beneficial to the brand. 

The American automaker was the only member of the auto industry to land in the top 10. It narrowly edged out Amazon, Subway and The History Channel. Honda was the next-closest car brand, followed by Toyota, Volkswagen and Chevrolet - however, they were all a large distance behind Ford. 

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