Ford to upgrade criticized touchscreen systems

November 7, 2011 12:00 AM

American automaker Ford was slowly climbing up quality rankings and earning good reviews after avoiding bankruptcy and redesigning its lineup, but then things quickly came crashing down. Due to many glitches with its new MyFord Touch infotainment system, the scores of the company's new cars began to suffer.

Now, Ford has announced that it is taking action to address the numerous complaints about the system from both critics and customers. The manufacturer is planning to send out more than 250,000 flash drives with upgraded software for the system to customers early next year. Drivers will be able to use the flash drives to install a new version of MyFord Touch that supposedly addresses many of the issues. Drivers can also drop the car off at the dealer and have them upgrade the systems, reports The Washington Post.

The American automaker is also having dealers hold seminars on the new technology, as it feels that some drivers may also be having trouble adapting to touchscreen controls.

Ford looks like it'll be handling the software side of things with the free upgrade, but drivers also need to pay attention their car's hardware. Regular auto maintenance and inspections of the brakes, tires and other key parts can help ensure cars stay on the road.

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