Ford Thunderbird immortalized in Beach Boys' "Fun, Fun, Fun"

May 26, 2011 12:00 AM

The country went crazy for the Beatles and Rolling Stones back in the day, but those looking for a band that was truly tuned into American culture need look no further than the Beach Boys. Unlike the popular British bands of the day, the Beach Boys were a homegrown group - and as such, their lyrics reflect some iconic American symbols - including some famous vehicles.

Perhaps the most famous of these is the Ford Thunderbird. Now, this car was already well on its way to iconic status before the Beach Boys immortalized it in a song. Yet how many can think of the Thunderbird without hearing the famous lyric "and she'll have fun, fun, fun/till her daddy takes the T-Bird away?" The song, aptly titled "Fun, Fun, Fun" became one of the most recognizable Beach Boy hits, and possibly served as an inspiration for some of the lyrical wordplay in the modern-day "Friday" by Rebecca Black.

It turns out that the original lyrics were actually taken from a real-life event. According to KSL, The Beach Boys were visiting a radio station in Utah when one of the managers complained about finding his daughter taking the family T-Bird out for a joy ride. She was supposed to only use it to go to and from the library, but the father caught her at a hamburger stand. This exact incident forms the opening stanza of the now famous song.

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