Ford Sync deemed historic by tech museum

June 22, 2012 12:00 AM

The Ford Sync infotainment system found in all Ford vehicles today has been divisive among critics. Some love the increased functionality the system offers, while others have criticized its bugginess and quality. However, regardless of what one thinks of Sync, there's no denying it was one of the first widespread voice-activated technology systems in modern cars.

The Computer History Museum agrees, and the technological establishment recently recognized the achievement by adding a first-generation Sync module to its exhibits in Mountain View, California, according to USA Today. Executive Chairman Bill Ford visited the museum to give a speech about the future of technological progress in the automotive world.

"We have been innovating for more than a century at Ford, but we acknowledge we don't have a monopoly on creativity," Ford said in a statement.

Ford hopes to partner with electronics manufacturers and those in the technology industry to realize concepts like self-driving cars, automated traffic grids and improved safety technology. It appears at least some companies agree. Google, also based in Mountain View, has shown off its self-driving car in the past.

While technological progress will likely change the way people drive in the future, cars will likely need vehicle maintenance for quite some time. It's up to owners to stick to their scheduled maintenance in order to keep everything working correctly.

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