Ford saddens police departments by ending Crown Victoria

September 1, 2011 12:00 AM

Ford has decided to put an end to their Crown Victoria model, which was a large sedan that was especially popular with police departments and taxi drivers.

The Crown Vic was introduced in 1983 and over the next three decades became a cult classic. Many police officers absolutely swear by the vehicle, praising its handling, durability and overall character.

However, the model eventually fell out of favor with the average consumer, and Ford restricted sales to only police departments in 2008. Now, the vehicle is being taken off the market completely, as the 16 MPG rating for the Crown Vic is dragging down Ford's fleetwide average, which it needs to raise to meet national requirements.

The Detroit Free Press reports that many departments have started stockpiling Crown Vics after hearing the news.

"I think for cops on the street, the number one question is, what are you going to replace it with?" Dan Starry, chief deputy with the Washington County Sheriff's Department, told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. "Will the new cars be as dependable? Will they handle as well? Will they be front-wheel drive versus rear-wheel drive? Will the equipment transfer?"

Police departments that want to ensure their Crown Vics stick around for a long time will have to keep up with their vehicle inspections and tune-ups. With the right attention to maintenance, an older vehicle can actually last quite a long time. Of course, that advice is true for any model of vehicle, not solely the Crown Vic.

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