Ford remains the top-selling brand in the US

December 30, 2013 12:00 AM

When it comes to selling cars in the U.S., it seems that no brand can top Ford. The American automaker is expected to remain the top-selling brand in the country for the fourth consecutive year, thanks to booming sales across all segments. 

Data from Ford showed sales of its vehicles jumped 15 percent in 2013, with models like the F-150, Mustang and Fusion remaining extremely popular. In total, more than 2.4 million Ford automobiles were sold in the calendar year, which is almost 400,000 more than second-place Toyota. 

"The great news is that we are not overly reliant on any one segment - we're seeing double-digit sales growth in cars, trucks and utilities," said John Felice, vice president of U.S. marketing, sales and service. "The Ford brand has had more retail share growth than any other brand in the country, ... [and] with 16 launches next year, we're looking to keep our sales momentum going." 

Much of Ford's success can be attributed to its reputation throughout the country. American drivers have faith in the reliability of the vehicles, trusting that they won't have to invest too much in auto repair or maintenance. 

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