Ford plans to increase production in 2011 due to high demand

February 7, 2011 12:00 AM

Ford Motor Company has announced plans to increase its U.S. factory production by 13 percent thanks to bigger demands for the brand's vehicles, reports The Associated Press.

Sales increased 27 percent in January, with a large portion of the buyers choosing Explorer SUVs. Fleet buyers, such as dealers and rental companies upped their business 9 percent in the first month of the year.

At a dealers association conference in San Francisco, Jim Farley, the company's global marketing chief told reporters that "we're trying to catch up to just the customer demand."

In addition to more cars, the increased production means more jobs will be created, a good piece of news for anyone paying attention to the country's employment ratings.

The rising demand for Ford is unsurprising given the brand's efforts to revamp its lineup after the company took a downturn during the recession. Plans to build new models such as the Ford Escape midsize SUV will help 7,000 unemployed workers find jobs, but those won't help with the 13 percent rise in production.

Executives at Ford also stated that they are planning six new or revived models for Lincoln for release in the next three years.

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