Ford paying dealers to fix recalled Escapes

July 23, 2012 12:00 AM

The numerous Ford Escapes recalled in recent weeks will require a great deal of auto maintenance, so the automaker is shouldering the cost by providing its dealers with a payment for every Escape fixed, reports USA Today.

Unlike more minor auto repairs that necessitate a recall, the frayed fuel lines that could cause new Escapes to catch fire are costing dealers a significant amount to replace. Thus, Ford has decided to pay dealers $300 for every Escape fixed, in an effort to make sure all 11,500 vehicles are properly repaired.

The payment to dealers is unusual for a recall, but the Escape problems have become very high-profile. Dealers just recently began selling the car, whereas most recalls are issued years later. In addition, Ford advised owners to park their cars and stop driving them until the vehicle repairs are made. Even in other cases where fires are a possibility, most automakers don't tell owners to park the vehicles outright.

Ford says it hopes to have all of the vehicles fixed within the week. Dealers have been instructed to fill the Escape with gas and give it a wash and cleaning before returning it to the owner. 

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