Ford partners with Domino's to make ordering pizza easy

January 8, 2014 12:00 AM

The Consumer Electronics Show is currently going on in Las Vegas, and several brands are using the event to debut new technologies. One introduction that is getting plenty of attention is the result of a joint effort from Ford and Domino's Pizza. At the center of the partnership is a new platform for Ford vehicles called SYNC AppLink, which allows drivers of certain vehicles from the brand to utilize technology to take advantage of select features - including the ability to order pizza.

Ford models with SYNC AppLink will have the ability to connect with Domino's franchises for easy ordering. Drivers will also be able to use voice commands to make plans for pizza pickup or delivery. 

"This is, no question, one of the coolest in a long list of recent technology innovations for Domino's," said Patrick Doyle, president and CEO of Domino's. "To be able to work with a brand like Ford, with its terrific SYNC technology, and offer yet another way to bring our ordering app experience to life makes it all the better." 

All drivers will need to start is a registered profile with the Domino's Pizza mobile app. Then, as long as the technology installed in the car is working, motorists can make sure their order is ready to go in a matter of moments. Although this advanced platform may require a bit more vehicle maintenance to ensure everything is working properly, the ease of completing simple tasks could be worth it. 

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