Ford looking to expand start-stop features

December 16, 2013 12:00 AM

State-of-the-art technologies are quickly becoming some of the most sought-after features on new automobiles. Whether these amenities make it easier to park in crowded lots or keep passengers entertained, they are frequently desired by drivers, and their presence can have a big impact on the function of a vehicle. One of the up-and-coming features is Auto Start-Stop, which is designed to improve efficiency.

Ford recently announced that it aims to have Auto Start-Stop installed on 70 percent of its new vehicles by 2017. This technology should increase fuel economy by more than 3 percent, with greater improvements for those drivers who spend lots of time stuck in heavy traffic. In fact, those who find themselves dealing with city traffic could increase efficiency by nearly 10 percent. 

"Simply put, Auto Start-Stop helps customers use less fuel, which is an important component of Ford's Blueprint for Sustainability," said Bob Fascetti, vice president of Ford global powertrain. "By making Auto Start-Stop available on more vehicles, we are working to be part of the solution to environmental sustainability with effective, fuel-saving technologies." 

Auto Start-Stop may be an innovative way to save money, but it will also require regular scheduled maintenance. The intricate systems need to be constantly checked to ensure there are no issues that are detracting from the advantages of the feature. 

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