Ford Focus remains the world's best-selling car

August 14, 2013 12:00 AM

Despite facing pressure from a number of challengers, the Ford Focus remained the best-selling car in the world throughout the first quarter of 2013. The Focus, which was also the most popular model in 2012, saw its global registrations jump 18 percent compared to the same time last year. 

According to data from Ford, about 288,724 Focus models were purchased and registered in January, February and March of 2013. Many of these sales came from China and Brazil, which powered much of the vehicle's growth. Drivers all over the world are attracted to the Ford Focus, however, as the car offers an affordable option to motorists who want a sleek vehicle without the intense vehicle maintenance and high cost of luxury models. 

Ford's main competition was the Toyota Corolla. However, the car doesn't have the exterior appeal to compete with the Focus just yet, Bloomberg reported. 

"Toyota is feeling the pressure right now from all directions," John Wolkonowicz, an independent auto analyst, told the news source. "Toyota used to be the brand where everybody went, but they're kind of losing their mojo ... People want a car that turns heads and the Focus does that. Toyota realizes their Achilles heel is design. Toyota design needs a makeover." 

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