Ford Fiesta ST likely coming to the U.S.

September 13, 2011 12:00 AM

The Frankfurt Auto Show has officially kicked off in Germany, but American drivers would be hard-pressed to find relevant news from their favorite brands. The show is mostly European-based, meaning many of the models will never come to America. Since many of the vehicles are concepts anyways, some will never even come to Europe.

However, one model that has a good chance of making it out of the concept stage and into production in America is the Ford Fiesta ST. The Detroit Free Press says that they expect to see this model on American roads within the next two years.

The ST badge is already used on European vehicles such as the Ford Focus, filling the "hot hatch" niche. These are small cars that feature turbocharged engines and increased performance. The Focus ST is already confirmed for American distribution next year, so it makes sense that the Fiesta ST, recently unveiled for the first time at the show, will follow.

Drivers who plan on buying one of these souped-up compacts when they come out should make sure that they keep up with maintenance like tune-ups and oil changes. These cars will undoubtedly be fun to drive, but they must be in proper condition first. 

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