Ford Escape will feature hands-free liftgate

November 4, 2011 12:00 AM

Many parents have likely experienced the unpleasant scenario where their hands are full with bags or screaming children and they need to open the trunk of their car. This could be a real problem back in the day, as drivers needed to not only get the key out of their pocket, but maneuver it into the lock, turn it and lift the hatch.

Nowadays most trunks open with the touch of a button, but Ford is still looking to make the process a bit easier. The American automaker recently revealed that the new Ford Escape, set to debut next year, will feature a hands-free trunk that doesn't even require the driver to press a button, according to AOL Autos.

When the owner of the car approaches the back of the vehicle, they'll simply need to swipe their leg underneath the rear bumper. A sensor will detect the motion and automatically open the trunk for them. The system only works when the key is in range of the vehicle - so as long as the driver has it in their pocket or purse, they can open the trunk.

The feature will debut on the new version of the Escape, which will hit dealerships next year. Drivers who purchase this vehicle, or any other, can help ensure that it stays on the road longer by keeping up with their auto maintenance, such as brake service and tune-ups.

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