Ford claims Focus is 2012's best-selling car

September 5, 2012 12:00 AM

Ford celebrated the production of the company's 350 millionth vehicle with another piece of good news - the Ford Focus was the world's best-selling model through the first six months of 2012.

According to Car Magazine, Ford Focus has seen 489,616 units sold during the first half of the year, besting the second-place Toyota Corolla by over 25,000 models. With a redesign leading to booming sales in Europe and many Asian countries, the Ford brand looks to continue it's growth in foreign markets.

The title doesn't come without controversy, as Toyota is claiming that its Corolla sales put the Asian carmaker at number one. Businessweek reports that this is due to Toyota including sales numbers from Corolla derivatives, such as the Toyota Matrix wagon that is currently being sold in the U.S. Corolla-based models sold over 600,000 units during the same period of 2012.

No matter which is the top model, these cars are undoubtedly the two most popular in the world. Seeing as these are among the most affordable and dependable vehicles so long as they receive their scheduled maintenance, don't expect the results to change anytime soon. 

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