Fluids the key to maintaining a healthy vehicle

November 29, 2011 12:00 AM

When it comes to auto maintenance, many refer to oil as the lifeblood of a car. However, many don't realize how true this statement really is. According to ClickOn Detroit, a driver who ignores their oil changes runs the heavy risk of doing damage to their engine - which could end up leading to a much more expensive repair down the line.

The news source talked to Mark Larsen, a franchise training manager in the automotive service industry, about what key areas drivers should focus on when it comes to auto maintenance. His answer: fluids, fluids and more fluids. In particular, Larsen says that ignoring issues with oil or coolant can lead to the biggest repairs.

"If the light is on, you need to shut the engine off now because you have no idea what kind of damage you could be doing," Larsen told the news source. "Either light - the coolant light or engine oil light - if either one of them come on, you better be pulling over and stopping what you're doing."

Regular oil changes can take care of that aspect of the vehicle, while a radiator flush & fill can handle the coolant. Old coolant that is not changed out can become acidic, eating away at critical parts and causing major damage to a vehicle.

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