Florida shortens yellow lights

May 17, 2013 12:00 AM

Most drivers dread the yellow traffic light. The possibility of running a red light and receiving a ticket from a traffic camera is enough to have any motorist driving conservatively, but it seems this wasn't enough to Florida's Department of Transportation, who took it upon themselves to shorten the length of time yellow lights run to below federal standards. 

AutoBlog reports that, although the change only resulted in a fraction of a second being shaved off the time, it may have had a significant impact on traffic tickets, as Florida is already on track for a record year of red light fines. 

"Red light cameras are a for-profit business between cities and camera companies and the state," James Walker, director of the National Motorists Association, told WTSP News. "The [FDOT rule change] was done, I believe, deliberately in order that more tickets would be given with yellows set deliberately too short." 

Drivers who want to reduce the risk of tangling with a red light camera can do their best to give their full attention to the road, but there are a few other tricks as well. For example, investing in thinks like brake service or an entire car tune up can ensure the vehicle is capable of handling sudden stops, starts and anything else the road throws at it. 

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