First look at the 2015 Ford Focus Sedan

April 9, 2014 12:00 AM

It's not as if the Ford Focus needed much help in the popularity department. In fact, it's the No. 1 best-selling vehicle nameplate in the world, according to newly released Polk 2013 registration data from from IHS Automotive. The car is continuing to gain momentum among motorists as well, with worldwide registrations up 8.1 percent last year over 2012. Now, as the brand prepares to unveil its all-new Focus four-door sedan at the New York International Auto Show, hype is building around the potential improvements that could be made to an already renowned car.

"It is remarkable to see Focus again lead the industry as the No. 1-selling vehicle nameplate on the planet," said Jim Farley, Ford executive vice president, Ford Motor Company Global Marketing, Sales and Service and Lincoln. "With the new car, we've raised the bar again, showcasing Ford's commitment to continuous improvement - adding better technology for drivers and a sleeker, more modern exterior across the entire Focus family."

So what can you expect from the upcoming focus?

Big changes
For starters, the 2015 model will boast sporty looks and only the most cutting-edge features, which may help to keep tune-ups and vehicle maintenance demands at a minimum. Typically, the automaker's updates may freshen up a vehicle by making visual tweaks to the wheel patterns, paint color and light fixtures. However, an Autoblog review revealed that Ford went farther than skin-deep updates for this redesign, opting to make major transformations to the front-end as well as the in-car features. The 2015 model got new headlamps with LED accents, an entirely new hood, a morphed grille shape and a different lower fascia that lacks the gaping intakes and triangular corners that the 2014 version had. The backside has seen some changes as well. The now two-piece trunk lid has fresh tail lamps and laser-brazed joints. At first glance, Autoblog noted that the new Focus might bring to mind the recently redesigned Fiesta and Fusion.

The little engine that could
What about under the hood? The 2015 Focus is packing some impressive power with the same 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost engine and six-speed manual transmission recently implemented in the Fiesta. This surprisingly robust piece of machinery has been named International Engine of the Year for the past two years in a row, likely because it offers a fun ride and is relatively fuel-efficient, meaning that it can save drivers some cash at the gas pump without compromising their driving experience. The smallest in Ford's EcoBoost collection, this engine will also come with a Start-Stop feature that automatically turns it off at stops and back on at acceleration. Not only that, but Ford has promised that the new model offers a quieter ride for motorists as well.

Creature comforts
There's more than meets the eye to the Focus, however. The interior was redesigned as well, with engine-bay insulation in the side window glass and thicker carpets on the floors. Additionally, the seats have been sculpted differently and the center console and cup-holders redesigned. Drivers are bound to love the heated steering wheel feature in the wintertime, and techies in particular will appreciate the advanced Sync voice command system with connected apps.

Safety is typically a top priority for motorists, and this is an aspect that Ford paid special attention to in their updates. Autoblog reported that this is the first time the vehicle will include active features like blind-spot detection and lane-keeping assist. Additionally, rearview cameras come standard with the new Focus.

This sedan will debut in New York at the International Auto Show along with the updated Focus Electric, which AutoBlog noted hasn't been quite as successful. If you're wondering when you may be able to hit the road in this revamped sedan, the source expects the high-performance vehicle to launch this summer, with deliveries starting later in the year.

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