Few drivers express confidence in autonomous cars

November 11, 2013 12:00 AM

News continues to leak out regarding the development of autonomous cars, but few drivers seem to be confident that these vehicles will soon be on the roads. Additionally, few motorists expressed a desire to give up driving entirely should these cars ever make it to the streets. 

According to a survey conducted by CarInsurance.com, one-fifth of all drivers said they would never take the wheel if autonomous cars were available. The remaining 80 percent were more hesitant about giving up control, but they became more open to the idea after hearing that insurance rates could drop as a result of these smart cars avoiding collisions and obeying all traffic laws. 

"Our survey shows cheaper insurance will greatly influence consumer acceptance [of autonomous vehicles]," said Des Toups, managing editor of CarInsurance.com. "Some of the liability of operating a car will doubtless be assumed by the manufacturer. But a lot of the decrease in rates could come simply because there would be many fewer accidents." 

While many people believe they can drive a car better than a computer, they would still be willing to try to the technology. However, these motorists would have to be aware of the increased vehicle maintenance that may come about as a result of these automobiles. Getting a regular tune up would be necessary to make sure all parts of the vehicle are functioning as they should, especially when turning over control of the wheel. 

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