Fans get to pick new "Mad Max" vehicles

July 14, 2011 12:00 AM

The "Mad Max" films, starring Mel Gibson in the titular role, quickly became cult classics upon their release. The wacky setting and violent storyline were what piqued much of the interest, but for many it was the cars that made the movie.

Specifically, the 1973 XB Ford Falcon GT was one of the stars of the first two movies, as Mad Max's ride of choice. Now, with a remake coming up, Ford is asking the fans what they think Max should be driving this time around.

Ford is teaming up with Top Gear Australia, which is where the film is being shot, to determine which vehicle should be used for the film. The company has designed several V8 Interceptors, one of which will eventually make it to the big screen.

These cars fit right in with the Mad Max universe. Some have spikes on the wheels to deal with motorcycle gangs. One of them has the seat squarely in the middle, emphasizing Max's loner status. Users can go online and vote for their favorite.

The film, entitled "Mad Max: Fury Road," has been heavily under wraps thus far. Mel Gibson is not returning to the role, as Max will instead be played by Tom Hardy of "Bronson" and "Inception" fame.  

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