F-150 may move to aluminum in order to shed weight

July 30, 2012 12:00 AM

For many years, all the market research into pickup truck buyers showed that they cared about two things: horsepower and towing capacity. However, now many pickup truck buyers are putting a bigger emphasis on fuel efficiency, looking for their trucks to get a decent amount of MPGs, even at the expense of some power.

In fact, the introduction of the EcoBoost V6 engine on the best-selling Ford F-150 has meant that for the first time in history, V6 engines are outselling V8s when it comes to pickup trucks. In keeping with that trend, MSNBC reports Ford is looking to increase the fuel efficiency further on the next generation of F-150s.

With the automaker having done about all it can on the inner workings of the car, the brand is now looking to aluminum in order to up the MPGs even more. The F-150 previously used a heavy amount of steel in its various parts. Ford believes it can shave nearly 700 pounds off the weight by switching to aluminum, however.

Drivers who want to increase their MPGs don't necessarily need a brand new, high-MPG car. Keeping up with auto maintenance, such as fuel injection cleaning or car tune ups, can have a major effect on fuel economy.

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