Explore Texas' Big Bend Country

July 6, 2011 12:00 AM

It may be off the beaten path, but Texas' Big Bend Country offers drivers some of the most beautiful land in America. In fact, Readers Digest picked the roads surrounding this area as one of their Most Scenic Drives in the Country.

The Big Bend Country is named after the massive turn in the Rio Grande, which forms the border of Texas and Mexico. Big Bend National Park is located along this border, which the news source describes as one of the country's largest - and least visited - national parks. The reason for that is that it's very far out of the way in the extreme south of the state, a place that even most Texans will have to drive for hours to get to. However, the landscapes there are truly awe-inspiring.

A prime example of that is the Santa Elena Canyon, which was carved by the massive Rio Grande. There's no doubt that the Grand Canyon is likely the top spot in America when it comes to landscape like this, but Santa Elena definitely gives it a run for its money. Best of all, drivers can go down into the canyon, with the walls rising up above them into the sky.

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