Explore Scenic Byway 7 in Arkansas' Ozark Mountains

October 4, 2011 12:00 AM

Part of the fun of a road trip is exploring areas that may not get a lot of attention otherwise. Scenic Byway 7, which cuts through Arkansas' Ozark National Forest, is one of the most beautiful areas in the entire country - but not that many people have paid it a visit.

Before you go out on any road trip, you should take your car into a certified auto maintenance facility. Nothing kills a trip quicker than breaking down on the side of the road because of worn tires or faulty brakes. This is doubly true for areas of the country like the Ozarks, where you might not be very close to a car repair shop.

Once your car is in tip-top shape, head out on Route 40 west out of Little Rock until you can turn off onto the byway, which cuts into the National Forest. National Geographic calls this one of their "Ultimate Road Trips," and its easy to see why. The view from the road itself is simply stunning, although it pays to stop off and explore on foot as well.

If you do decide to hike a bit, be sure to pay a visit to Haw Creek Falls. This entire area sports a number of beautiful waterfalls, but Haw Creek Falls might be the best. The drop-offs are only about 5 feet, but there are a lot of them and the surroundings are majestic, making this area more famous than many of the larger falls in the region.

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