Escape from L.A. and take a refreshing day trip to Wine Country

November 9, 2011 12:00 AM

People who live in Los Angeles, one of the nation's most congested cities, should get out of the city once and a while, and there are plenty of scenic drives they can take including a trip to Wine Country. Head out on Route 101 North to the Pacific Coast Highway and open your windows to breathe in the fresh ocean air along the two-hour drive.

The Santa Barbara County Vintner's Association states that Wine Country spans more than 50 miles, so you'll want to plan your destinations in advance. Some vineyards are more than two hours apart, and it would be wise to designate a driver if you plan to indulge in a few glasses of chardonnay or merlot. In fact, you can always choose to turn this day trip into an overnight event and book a hotel room so you can really get the full wine experience without having to worry about sobering up for the drive home.

If you can't stay the night, you might want to just take in the sights and buy a bottle or two to bring home. Many Santa Barbara wineries will sell their wine directly to visitors.

Don't forget to make sure you're up-to-date on your vehicle maintenance and check your tire pressure before you head to Wine Country to make sure your trip will be as smooth as the wine you'll soon be sampling.

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