EPA rates Tesla Model S

June 21, 2012 01:35 PM

The new Tesla Model S luxury sedan has been highly anticipated among electric enthusiasts. Tesla has received support from the federal government, Toyota, and numerous other sources and is considered to be the primary upstart electric brand. Now, the 2012 Tesla Model S has been officially rated by the EPA ahead of its debut, according to Green Car Reports.

The Model S will reportedly be rated at 89 MPGe, the electric equivalent of MPGs. Essentially, this rating measures how far the car can travel on the energy contained in one gallon of gasoline, even though the car is powered by a battery. While way ahead of gas-powered luxury models, the Model S is slightly behind vehicles like the Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi i. Then again, it's also a larger, more powerful vehicle than either of those cars as well. This figure also depends on the driver keeping up with scheduled maintenance and ensuring tires are properly inflated.

The EPA also revealed the car's estimated electric range, which is approximately 265 miles. That could be a major win for Tesla, especially when compared to cars like the Leaf which can go barely over 100 miles before needing to be charged again.

The Model S debuts later this year and is expected to cost nearly $70,000.

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