El Camino comeback on the way?

May 5, 2011 12:00 AM

In terms of the most memorable cars of all time, the Chevrolet El Camino has to be near the top of the list. Few people who lived through the sixties and seventies can forget this classic, which melded a coupe-style front with a pickup bed in the back.

The model enjoyed moderate success for Chevy and GM, but was ultimately discontinued in 1987. Yet absence makes the heart grow fonder, and over the past couple of years, a revival movement has been steadily gaining interest. Many fans have been clamoring for GM to do an updated take on the El Camino, and it's now looking like those plans might actually come to fruition.

GM's new Chief Marketing Officer, Joel Ewanick, recently joined Twitter and was almost immediately hit with the question of what fans would have to do to get a new El Camino. Perhaps jokingly, Ewanick responded "we'd need you and 100,000 of your best friends."

Now the car blog Jalopnik has started a crusade to demonstrate to Ewanick and the rest of GM that there is a market for the El Camino. They're advising people to hit Ewanick up on Twitter and comment on posts about the El Camino in order to demonstrate their loyalty.

It might only be a social media movement for now, but it's not entirely outside the realm of possibility. Before Pontiac was discontinued, they had plans to release a model very similar to the El Camino called the "G8 ST." Jalopnik led a similar crusade then, garnering 80,000 votes for a name change to El Camino.

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