Edmunds: Expect more car sales in 2012

December 21, 2011 12:00 AM

It appears that 2011 was a relatively good year for auto sales, as early estimates indicate that automakers will surpass the total set in 2010, although the numbers are not quite back up to pre-recession levels just yet. However, Edmunds believes that 2012 will ultimately be an even better year for vehicle sales, as they've predicted a nearly 800,000 unit increase for next year.

The high estimate for 2011 sales is about 12.8 million cars sold in the U.S., but Edmunds is thinking bigger for next year. The automotive website recently revealed that it expects the industry to move 13.6 million vehicles in 2012, which is still somewhat below the pre-recession numbers.

Japanese automakers like Toyota and Honda were hurt by the earthquake and tsunami this year, and their sales in the U.S. suffered because of the production slowdown. In addition, Edmunds believes that pent up demand from buyers who are hanging on to older cars will result in more sales next year.

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