Driving down Route 1 in the Florida Keys

February 22, 2011 12:00 AM

While many people often fly to Key West from Miami, renting a car (or taking your own) and driving it down Route 1, or the Florida Keys Scenic Highway, is an amazing experience.

Passing through the islands offers trip takers the chance to see classic lighthouses, gorgeous sea vistas and some seriously long bridges. The seven-mile bridge, connecting Knight's Key with Little Duck Key. Other cool bridges include the new 65-foot high Jewfish Creek Bridge and the Bahia Honda bridge.

Bahia Honda Key is a great place to stretch your legs. Not only is there a beautiful beach, but the old Bahia Honda Rail Bridge is a great walk and offers some really gorgeous views.

The entire trip takes about 3 hours from Miami non-stop, but drivers can plan a half day if they want to enjoy some of the attractions.

The highway "is definitely one of a kind," says Byways.org. "Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico stretching out as far as the eye can see, it winds through vistas of natural beauty, areas rich in history and legend [and] views of spectacular... sunsets."

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