Drivers who love their cars will also enjoy Queen's tribute to automotive enthusiasts

December 21, 2011 12:00 AM

Roger Taylor, the drummer and backing vocalist for British rock band Queen, coined the lyrics for "I'm in Love with my Car." The song, which was used as the B-side for the single release of "Bohemian Rhapsody" in 1975, features Taylor as the lead vocalist on the studio version as well as all of the live recordings, according to

Cars are often used as euphemisms for women, relationships, feelings and pretty much anything else, but this song in particular is all about the ride. The chorus explicitly states that Taylor is "in love with my car, got a feel for my automobile." In fact, Taylor's lyrics go on to say that he would "rather buy me a new carburetor" than be with a woman. The studio-recorded version of the song features revving sounds from Taylor's own Alfa Romeo.

Auto maintenance, from brake service to tire alignment, is arguably more important than most things for car lovers, and Queen's song is the perfect representation of the undeniable love many feel for their vehicles.

"I'm in Love with My Car" is also a great song to accompany a languid cruise. The meandering guitar riffs and slow tempo make it easy to get lost in the enjoyment of the drive.

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