Drivers turn to carpools to save time, money

December 5, 2013 12:00 AM

The costs of owning and operating a car can pile up on drivers. Between the purchase price, fuel, surprise auto repair fees and maintenance costs, cars can really bust a budget. To prevent this financial burden from becoming too great, many motorists turn to practices like carpooling, which can save time and money. 

Carpooling works by encouraging people to drive to jobs or events together. Groups typically receive access to the special high-occupancy vehicle lane, which often has fewer cars, and they split the cost of gas. Tolls and parking fees are also spread out among the driver and passengers, making it easier to handle the costs. 

Sharing driving duties also reduces the stress placed on an automobile. According to, not only does it keep mileage down, but it also staves off depreciation and allows for lower vehicle maintenance costs. Tires and similar car parts don't have to be replaced as often if the vehicle isn't making the full commute everyday. 

Although the practice of carpooling isn't feasible for everybody, those who have the opportunity to do so should seriously consider it. Even sharing expenses and driving duties part time can ease the impact on your wallet. 

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