Drivers should take steps to keep their car safe in the summer

June 18, 2013 12:00 AM

Summer is a great time of year - but it can quickly turn on drivers who don't take care of their cars. However, with all of the great weather, beach vacations and family holidays that take over the warmer months, some motorists may find that vehicle maintenance slips their mind. 

AutoWeek took a look at some of the areas of a car that drivers should be paying attention to:  

Tires are an aspect of an automobile that you should be watching at all times of the year. If they are underinflated, you may find the vehicle has worse gas mileage, and it can contribute to uneven wear on all tires.

"I think in the summertime, we're in more of a hurry, and people tend to neglect their vehicles," Kevin Meadows, owner of an auto repair shop, told WVNS TV. "... Tires are just as important in the summertime as they are in the winter, but people think they can hold off on changing their tires until the winter."

Fluid levels
One of the most important aspects of your vehicle maintenance that needs to be monitored is the level of various fluids the car uses on a day-to-day basis. AutoWeek reports that drivers should check on things like washer solvent and engine coolant to ensure their car is capable of performing basic functions throughout the summer. Getting an automotive oil change is also a necessity, as it can keep the motor performing at a high-level for an extended period of time.

Brake fluid should also be scrutinized closely. Getting regular brake service is essential, but even making sure the fluid level of the brakes is up to the proper level can go a long way in extending the life of a vehicle. 

Emergency kit
Even the most intense preparation cannot completely prevent obstacles from interfering with your travels. If an event comes up and disrupts your driving, you'll want to have a few items on hand to help the situation along. Roadside tools, such as a spare tire, small jack and the proper wrenches, can aid you in a pinch. Additional objects, like a flashlight, jumper cables and first aid kit, are also smart to keep in your trunk. 

There will likely come a time when you run into car repair problems that you can't fix on your own. Be sure to have the number of a nearby auto repair franchise that has professionals capable of working on your vehicle's problems. 

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