Drivers should see prices drop on the next Chevy Volt

January 21, 2013 12:00 AM

Drivers ready to make the switch to electric vehicles will soon have many more affordable options. Following the news that the Nissan Leaf would face large price reductions, Chevrolet announced that the next generation Volt will be thousands of dollars cheaper.

According to USA Today, the upcoming model will be purpose-built, allowing the manufacturer to better package batteries and other specialized components without having to accommodate the basics of standard compact cars. The move may make it easier for the brand to provide vehicle maintenance or auto repair to problematic models.

The change should also bring the costdown from its current price tag, which sits at approximately $40,000. Despite this high cost, the Volt managed to triple its sales in 2012. If Chevrolet could create a less expensive vehicle with some more attractive features, it could further boost sales.

"We will see the day when we have an affordable electric car that offers 300 miles of range with all the comfort and utility of a conventional vehicle," said GM's North American president Mark Reuss, as quoted by AutoBlog. "... [It's] going to sell even more, and the next generation will be even better."

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