Drivers love new accident avoidance technology in DOT test

May 29, 2012 12:00 AM

Automakers have talked for several years now about new technology that could help vehicles avoid accidents automatically. Wireless communication systems installed in all vehicles would theoretically allow cars to "talk" with one another and automatically regulate speed and braking in accident situations.

The U.S. Department of Transportation is keen on the idea, and recently recruited drivers to participate in a pilot test of the technology, reports The New York Times. According to the first report, response to the new systems has been overwhelmingly positive.

Of the 688 participants in the study, 92 percent said they wanted the technology to be made available in all vehicles. Approximately 90 percent said they believed the system would improve safety for drivers everywhere.

The results of the survey were not related to age, either. Those aged 60-70, typically hesitant to accept new technology, were reportedly just as onboard with the technology as younger drivers in the study, if not more so.

Until the systems are widely available, drivers will have to do their part to improve safety on their own. Regular brake service and changing out flat tires can go a long way toward ensuring a vehicle doesn't get out the driver's control on the road.

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