Drivers drawn to vehicles with all-wheel drive

December 13, 2013 12:00 AM

There are a variety of features most drivers look for when they're shopping around for a new or used car. Motorists are frequently seeking qualities like great fuel economy, no-fuss vehicle maintenance, state-of-the-art safety resources and other impressive elements. One characteristic that is becoming more and more common is all-wheel drive.

This type of four-wheel capability is typically present on crossovers and pickup trucks, and almost one-third of all vehicles now have all- or four-wheel drive, according to The Detroit News. That is 5 percent more than the total five years ago, and that growth is largely due to the popularity of that style of car, as well as the improved efficiency associated with them. All-wheel drive is also considered safer than the alternative, as it can be used to steady a vehicle in rough weather or conditions. 

"It brings this complete bundle of safety, driving performance and capability," Jeremy Acevedo, supervisor of pricing and industry analysis for, told The Detroit News. "It's a really big add for consumers." 

As more automakers begin offering all-wheel drive on crossovers and other vehicles, the popularity of the feature should continue to grow. 

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