Drivers can use simple tips to extend the life of their vehicle

March 12, 2013 12:00 AM

With the cost of new cars on the rise, more drivers are trying to extend the life of their current vehicle to keep expenses low. While getting regular scheduled maintenance and necessary auto repair are essential for keeping an older automobile in good condition, there are a few other things drivers can do on their own to maintain their current rides. 

According to The Cedar Springs Post, one of the most important things drivers can do is know how to check their own oil. Staying on top of oil levels and changing them when the need arises can keep engines running at optimum efficiency, and using the oil type that's right for a particular engine can go a long way in keeping a car running smoothly. If drivers don't know how to do this themselves, they can make regular appointments at an auto repair franchise to have the work done for them. 

Another tip is to take care of exterior tools like windshield wipers. Having good visibility is key on the roads, and by updating wipers when necessary and checking fluid levels, drivers can make sure their vision stays clear and they don't unintentionally cause the need for car repair

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