Drive to the Sun in Montana

March 9, 2011 12:00 AM

Named the "Best Road to Drive in America" by BMW, the Going-to-the-Sun road in the state of Montana is magical, breath-taking and thrilling all rolled into one 53-mile stretch of pavement.

Centered in Glacier National Park, this "awe-inspiring" route takes drivers around some of America's most stunning scenery. It is also an incredibly narrow, windy and high-elevated road. See this video for an 10-minute sneak peek of what to expect when traveling the Sun.

Starting on the easternmost part of the road, vacationers will head west with St. Mary's lake on their left and Two-Dog Flats on the right; both are gorgeous ecological sites. As they go past Wild Goose Island, the road begins to climb to Logan Pass, which is 6,680 feet above sea level.

Native species such as elk, alpine squirrels and other mammals are common sights along the way.

There are many turn-outs for drivers to stretch their legs and get a really great view of the mountain scenery. Side trips to East Side Falls (just off the road) or the 1.5 mile walk to another set of cascades are perfect for a bit of exercise.

Fans of the movie "The Shining" might recognize the road from the opening credits scene.

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