Drive the Kank in New Hampshire for some mountain fun

April 8, 2011 12:00 AM

The Kancamangus Scenic Byway in New Hampshire is one of New England's prettiest drives, best experienced during the summer or the fall.

Curving through the Granite State's White Mountain National Forest, the Kancamangus follows the Pemigewasset River before linking up with the Swift River, which flows into Conway.

"The road meanders through vast forests, old logging roads, and Indian hunting paths. An abundance of history and recreation lies here, so take the time to pull off the road and explore all that the byway offers," states the America's Byways website.

One of the best places to pull of is the natural waterslides, perfect in August when the waters are fairly warm and water levels are still high.

The highway is named after an Indian Chief of the Penacook Confederacy who attempted to maintain peace between European explorers and his tribesmen. The efforts failed, however, and many of the tribes in the Confederacy dispersed to northern New Hampshire and Canada.

Driving along the highway during the summer in a convertible is the perfect day-trip date, while a caravan during the fall is a great choice for that family weekend getaway.

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