Dozens of new vehicles to debut at LA Auto Show

November 14, 2012 12:00 AM

The 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show will take place from November 28 to December 9, with nearly 50 vehicles set to make their debuts during the event. Everything from electric vehicles to luxury models will be on display, with sleek designs and updated amenities highlighting the expected new offerings.

Manufacturers like Chrysler, Ford and General Motors will be on hand to premiere new designs, while European automakers BMW, Fiat, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and more are making the trip across the pond to show off their new creations. New in-car technologies, as well as special sustainable and fuel-efficient trends, are also expected to be released.

"The auto industry in North America is experiencing its best annual sales rate since 2008, and this positive growth can clearly be seen in the number of debuts, broad range of vehicles and transformative technologies on display at the show," said Andy Fuzesi, the auto show's general manager.

Drivers considering making a new car purchase might want to get by with auto repair or a tune up until these new models are released. With so many options, and the fact that energy consumption and fuel-efficiency look to be the most improved areas in the new models, drivers will likely have limitless choices for upgrading their rides. 

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