Does the CTS negate ill-will towards the former mom-mobile?

February 8, 2011 12:00 AM

Everyone should remember the station wagon - the mom car of the 90's - but when mini-vans and SUVs took over, this style got left on the side of the road. As MotorTrend reminds us, even Volvo "threw in the towel."

Which is why the auto magazine is so impressed with the Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon. Well, impressed that it was even built. The wagon drives like a sedan with excellent handling and a very responsive braking system, but it still proves why many people stray away from the wagon way today.

The transmission could use a little oomph, even when the CTS is in sport mode, but the real complaint from MotorTrend is the rather uncomfortable seats. In addition, the "heated" steering wheel doesn't get nearly hot enough.

That isn't to say the CTS has no fun factor to it... in fact, between this car, the Escalade and the SRX, the vehicle fanatics say the CTS wins thanks to its stylish features outside and inside.

"If you can want a versatile car for all of your driving needs, and can get past being perceived as lame and stodgy, the CTS Wagon is a great choice," concludes MotorTrend.

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