Dodge unveils plan for its 2013 model of the Viper

April 19, 2011 12:00 AM

Testing for the new 2013 Dodge Viper has begun, reports, and the plan is to send the vehicle to the Super Car Olympics at the end of 2012.

"Using a 2010 chassis as a test subject, SRT engineers expanded the development scope for the next generation Dodge Viper to include stability control tuning for the first time," stated Chrysler in a news release.

In addition to the news, the head of Dodge, Ralph Gilles, said his model of the Dodge Viper was "in training" for the competition, according to AutoWeek.

News reports stated that the Viper is expected to make a return at the end of next year in time for the non-sanctioned Olympic event.

One surprising statement from the automaker, however, was that Chrysler would start using stability control for the first time. AutoWeek editors wrote that traditionalists were likely upset by this piece of news.

After spending 18 years in the factory, Chrysler halted the production of the Viper in 2010, which was rarely changed during its history. It's racing design structure and V-10 engine with 600 horsepower made it a favorite among auto enthusiasts.

AutoWeek reports the newest model will combine "Italian flair with American chutzpah." 

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