Dodge semi-fails to make a good sedan...again

January 20, 2011 12:00 AM

Dodge has never made much of a name for itself in the mid-size sedan department and thanks to the 2011 Avenger, that poor reputation isn't going away anytime soon, reports

Despite the fact that everything in this car has been reworked or replaced, the Avenger still doesn't drive well compared to the Japanese competitors, but at least the interior looks better.

With leather interior lining, metal trimming along the dashboard and seats that actually make the driver comfortable, AutoGuide reports the Avenger feels like a completely different car. Some safety updates have been made too including more airbags, standard ABS and traction control.

The wonky engine and questionably improved suspension present the real problems with the Avenger. Despite a six-speed transmission (instead of a four) and a little bit more response from the torque, it's still not "the most refined mill." In addition, the suspension tuning allows the car to handle itself better than ever but the wheels still have room for improvement.

Overall, AutoGuide was impressed with the improvements made to the '11 Dodge Avenger and considers it actual competition with other mid-size sedans now. Whether the public will take the bait or not, however, is another story.

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