Dodge bringing updated muscle cars to market

April 18, 2014 12:00 AM

Dodge recently announced that its seeking to update its muscle cars - the Charger and Challenger - to an even sleeker format. According to USA Today, the company is seeking to make this in the hopes of displaying a re-affirmation of the value of muscle cars, even though they are reportedly less fuel efficient than regular cars. For fans and admirers of Dodge's storied muscle cars, this news may just be the catalyst that gets a car- buyer to hop in a Challenger or Charger for a test ride. 

Innovative take on original muscle car format
The Charger and Challenger may not be like any type of muscle car you've seen in the past. 

"I keep calling these muscle cars, because people know what I am talking about when I use the term," noted Tim Kuniskis, Dodge CEO, according to USA Today. "But if you look at these two cars, we are expanding the muscle segment way beyond the traditional sense." 

Drivers interested in the sleek veneer of a muscle car may also be worried about more pragmatic concerns, like ensuring that the auto repair for the vehicle can be done in an affordable and simple manner. According to Michigan Live, Kuniskis has made overtures in this area, in part by stipulating that the Charger slated for 2015 will get 31 miles to the gallon. This is sure to be appealing to the driver seeking to economize, as the price at the pump seems to be growing every day. 

2015 Challenger to integrate classic with modern
The source also noted that the Challenger is a nod to the 1971 iteration of the car, a detail sure to turn heads when you take the car in for brake repair, or a car oil change. The added benefit of state-of-the-art internal technology helps to complement the classic external look of the car, evoking '70s cool while also being a fearsome machine of the 21st century. The Charger will have the popular Uconnect entertainment system, allowing a driver to entertain friends and family on a long road trip. This could be an indispensable source for parents trying to find a way to distract their children so they can concentrate on the road. The Challenger's internal features may be a perfect solution to this quandary, allowing parents to relax and enjoy the powerful engine of the Challenger. 

Charger to exude sleek modern look
You may have been seeking an update on your current vehicle, perhaps thinking that it is too staid to offer the revolutionary method of transportation the automobile initially brought to the world. Dodge's goal for its new Charger seems to hearken back to the days when cars still filled people with awe. 

"We're going to keep everything that worked before, but just expand on it because people love these cars," said Kuniskis, according to Michigan Live.

Kuniskis's comments on the new Charger will surely placate admirers of the old muscle cars, who may be concerned that a new update will tarnish the original mold of the car. Thankfully, the changes are mostly to accommodate modern technology under the design and image of the classic cars. According to the source, the Charger will boast a sleeker appearance than the car of old, coming in line to what modern auto consumers look for in a car, such as a flashy exterior. The tires of the Charger will also be designed to hold the weight of the car while ensuring smooth travel, which is great news for travelers. 

Car consumers should take the time to read up on the various benefits a muscle car offers, especially when considering what to drive in the future. The Charger and Challenger both present modern machines that may give a driver a fun driving experience. 

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