Did you know? Fun facts about cars

December 29, 2010 12:00 AM

Knowing about the world of automobiles is a fun and fascinating hobby, but for those who aren't aware of the coolest events in the history of cars: a primer.

While Henry Ford is credited for making the assembly line and making automobiles available to the general public during the mid-1910s, the upper class likely had cars well before then. So what happened if they were caught speeding?

According to Chevron Cars, the New York City Police Department used bikes to chase after drivers in 1898. That sounds like a lot of fun for cops... especially since the first speeding ticket wasn't issued until 1902.

In 1916, 55 percent of the cars driven on the road were Model-T Fords, a record which has reportedly never been broken.

Did you know that women invented the carburetor and electric engine starter by 1923, along with 170 other technologies for cars? Female power!

Despite Ford's image as the creator of basically everything that modern cars have now, Buick debuted the first electric turn signal in 1938. That actually sounds kind of late, doesn't it?

Who knows what key American horns beep in? "F"... yah, we don't think it's a coincidence either.

There are plenty more interesting car facts to share, but we'll save 'em for another day.

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