Depp given vintage Corvette

October 20, 2011 12:00 AM

When movie stars finish up on a film, they're frequently presented with a "wrap gift" - a token of appreciation from the producers for their hard work. When Johnny Depp finished up on "The Rum Diary," he ended up with a pretty nice present - the 1959 Chevrolet Corvette used in the film.

The movie, based off the novel by Hunter S. Thompson, is due out on October 28th, and the Corvette features prominently. In a scene that writer/director Bruce Robinson calls "his favorite in the movie," according to USA Today, Depp and co-star Amber Heard take the car for a spin on the streets of Puerto Rico. Robinson loved the scene so much that he had to take the car out for a ride himself.

"It's an amazing car," he told the news source. "It's so powerful, like 500 horsepower. You can just fishtail in that thing."

Depp will be able to find out, as producer Graham King opted to give the car to Depp as a "thank you" after shooting was finished.

"He worked so hard on the film and why not?" King told the news source. "He was pretty blown away by it."

To maintain a classic car, an owner must be vigilant about auto maintenance and keep a regular schedule of oil changes.

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