Deloitte: Gen Y drivers favor technology in new cars

January 20, 2012 12:00 AM

A recent survey by research firm Deloitte has revealed the features that "Generation Y," those aged 19-31, value in a new car.

Surprisingly, Generation Y is very accepting of hybrid technology, with 57 percent preferring it to other types of cars. Fully-electric battery-powered cars were less popular, with just 2 percent saying they'd prefer such a car.

When it comes to interior features, in-car infotainment systems were the most important, with 60 percent of respondents naming them as the most critical feature in their new cars. Staying connected on the go and having the ability to connect to the internet and run smartphone apps appears to be highly valued by the technology-driven generation. Drivers said they'd be willing to spend approximately $3,000 on such systems.

However, that's not to say that safety isn't important. Features like collision avoidance and blind spot recognition were considered the second-most important, with drivers saying they'd spend $2,000 to make their vehicles safer.

While safety systems can be an excellent feature to have in a new car, young drivers might get more bang for their buck by investing in auto maintenance. Things like regular brake service can help keep cars safe and on the road longer.

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