Daniel Craig does a live drive of new Range Rover Sport

March 27, 2013 12:00 AM

Daniel Craig can add another impressive accomplishment to his resume: his presence literally stopped traffic. The most recent James Bond actor drove through the streets of New York City and managed to catch the eye of many bystanders, although it may have been his car - the new Range Rover Sport - that was the real star. 

Craig was entrusted to deliver the brand new vehicle to its big reveal in Manhattan, and Land Rover had him driving through closed streets to reach the ceremony, The Telegraph reports. 

"The all-new Range Rover Sport is an extraordinary car, and we have revealed it in an extraordinary way - live on the streets of the biggest selling market," said Land Rover brand director John Edwards. "It turned heads and it stopped traffic in one of the most dynamic cities in the world." 

While the reveal was certainly attention-grabbing, the Range Rover Sport probably would have made headlines without it. The new model is almost a half-ton lighter than its predecessors, emits less carbon dioxide, should have improved vehicle maintenance and is more agile and powerful than ever before, making it a car to watch as it hits the open market, A​uto World News Reports. 

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