Current generation of the BMW M3 sells out

May 7, 2013 12:00 AM

Although the current generation of the BMW M3 will be in production for another six months, all models have been accounted for - meaning that the luxury sedan is essentially sold out. Friedrich Nitschke, the head of BMW's M-Division, broke the news to Car and Driver magazine as he was detailing some of the features that have made the vehicle so popular with motorists. 

Drivers were drawn to the M3 because of its engine, which was created specifically for the M-lineup of automobiles. AutoBlog reports that future generations of the engine will be optimized for the M-line of cars but still reminiscent of the motor from the BMW AG. The engine may even become bigger and better, as Nitschke hinted there was room to expand on the current 7,000 rpm mark on the existing V8 turbo motors. 

Although some people have whispered about the possibility of all-wheel drive being included on future BMW models, Nitschke downplayed that notion, GT Spirit reports. Customers are hesitant about embracing the feature, so fans of the brand who want a more heavy-duty ride will have to look at models like the X5 M or X6 M instead. If two-wheel drive is enough, drivers can simply take care of the tire alignment on the vehicle to ensure they get performance and handling that is to the best of the car's ability. 

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